Standard Home Inspection

Greg Kreusel
Professional Inspector
TREC Lic.# 6170
Types of home inspections provided:

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A standard home inspection is a limited, non-invasive, and non-destructive inspection of the structure and its systems, with the systems being operated under normal conditions for a limited amount of time.  It is considered limited due to the inspector's inability to access, or see all areas of a home.  The inspection will follow and exceed the Standards of Practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  A typical home inspection takes approximately  2 - 3 hours and will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision.
Major Systems Inspected

Structural Systems
Grading and Drainage
Roof Covering
Attic and Structure
Walls - Interior and Exterior
Ceilings and Floors
Fireplace and Chimney
Porches, Decks and Carports
Electrical System
Service Entrance and Panel
Interior Sub-panels
Branch Circuits
Outlets and Fixtures
GFCI  and AFCI Circuits
Smoke Detectors
HVAC Systems
Heating Equipment
Cooling Equipment
Ducts and Vents

Plumbing System
Water Supply
Drains and Vents
Water Heaters
Hydro-Therapy Equipment
New Construction Phase Inspections

3 Phase Home Inspections:  Pre-pour foundation inspection, framing pre-drywall / pre-siding inspection, and final pre-closing inspection.  These phase inspections are designed to protect the buyer and to help insure that the builder provides the quality expected.  Once areas of a home are concealed, they can no longer be inspected.  Builder's will tell you that your home is being inspected by City, or third party inspectors, so you don't need your own inspector.  These inspectors are not working for you, or for your best interests.
Buyer's Inspection

This is a standard type inspection process that will notify the buyer of all deficient items discovered in the home, including potential hazards, safety, and health risks.  The information provided will allow the buyer to make an educated decision about the purchase of the home, or the ability to negotiate any repairs with the seller.
Seller's Inspection

A seller should consider a pre-listing inspection to expedite the sale and to increase the value of the property.  An informative inspection will allow you to correct any problem issues ahead of time that could otherwise cause a potential buyer not  to buy the property.
1 Year Warranty Inspection

As your home warranty is about to expire, it is recommended that you have your home inspected for any deficiencies.  This will allow you to hold the builder responsible to correct issues that would later be your responsibility and expense.
Good evening Greg, 
I truly appreciate the extra time and attention that you gave to my client and myself today.  I am looking forward to reading your report.  Thank you again for such a complete inspection, it is truly appreciated and will be remembered in the future.
Most sincerely,
Mary A. - Realtor

Hi Greg
Thanks very much for a very thorough inspection and report. Particularly for the additional photos and information. 
I would appreciate being able to have a talk with you about some of the things the report raised. Would this be OK? I promise not to take up too much of your time. 
Mel - San Antonio
Built-In Appliances
My wife and I wanted to thank you for the great inspection that you did for us on the Dominion home.  There were too many major problems that the builder would not, or could not, repair.  You saved us from a very expensive disaster in the future.  We will definitely use you again.
Jerry H. - San Antonio

Multi-family Investment

As an investment you may be purchasing a Multi-Family home or dwelling. There are various types of multi-family homes on the market today. It could be a duplex or an arrangement of apartments.
GMK Home Inspection Service is trained and experienced in performing these types of inspections. We will perform a standard inspection on each individual unit and the structural components of the entire building as a whole.

You were the only inspector that I found that would work with me being in Australia.  You gave me comfort in my long distance purchase.  I appreciate your thorough inspection, allowing me to wire the payment, and all of the extra photos that you sent to me.  I really appreciate you talking to me after hours due to my different time zone.  Thanks again for everything.
Jack B. - Australia