What is a home inspection?

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A home inspection is a non-invasive visual analysis and opinion of the structure, systems, and components of the home at the time of the inspection.  The inspector is required to follow the guidelines stated in the Standards of Practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  This process is intended to supply a buyer with the information needed to make a proper buying decision, and to lessen the risks of buying a home.  This is considered a limited inspection since many areas are inaccessible or hidden from view .   GMK Inspections includes a digital foundation evaluation with all inspections to supply additional information about the foundation performance.

Why do I need a home inspection?

The purchase of a home will normally be the largest investment that a person will make during their lifetime.   Buyers and sellers depend on an accurate home inspection to provide them with important information and the condition of a home.  GMK Inspection is trained to discover problems and defects that a buyer usually would not see.  These problems could be very costly to a buyer if found after the home is purchased.
Why inspect a new home?

People seem to think, and builders tell them, that a new home is going to be without any defects.  So, why spend the money to inspect a new home that is under a builder warranty, and has been possibly inspected by City inspectors?  City inspectors are very limited on time, and normally do not find most defects that are found in a thorough inspection.  A builder's inspector only inspects what the builder tells them to inspect.   As far as the warranty goes, most owners do not realize that there is a problem until after the warranty is over.  All builders use subcontractors with unskilled, or untrained, workers in many instances.  This leads to poor workmanship and poor quality.  A proper inspection will inform and protect you against this type of poor quality.  If you are having a home built, it is highly recommended that you have periodic inspections performed during the construction process.
How long will the inspection take?

A normal inspection will usually take between two and three hours.  This will vary depending on the age, size, and condition of the home.  After the inspection is complete, it will usually take about thirty minutes to explain the findings to the client.  This can vary due to the complexity and quantity of defects, and also on the home knowledge of the client.  The inspection is not finished until the client fully understands all of the information discussed.
Do I need to be present for the inspection?

It is not mandatory that you be present at the inspection, however, it is highly recommended for you to be present at the end for the summary.  This will allow you to ask questions, see any possible problem areas mentioned, and to sign the required inspection agreement.  Furthermore, the written inspection report is much easier to understand once it has been discussed at the home.  The final report will be sent to appropriate parties by the following morning via email.

What happens if problems are found?

Every home inspection will reveal certain defects - no home is perfect.  The inspection is intended to inform you in order to make an informed decision about the purchase of the home.  It is not  the role of the inspector to tell a buyer "to buy or not to buy."  Usually an agreement can be made between the seller and the buyer based on the inspection report. This may be to repair all, or some of the issues noted, or to reduce the purchase price of the home to account for the needed repair costs.

Are all inspections the same?

No.  All inspections are required to follow the Standards of Practice issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  These are minimum guidelines.  GMK Home Inspection Service exceeds these guidelines by adding helpful information, such as a foundation digital level assessment and pictures of problem areas.  It is my promise to allow the needed time to inspect your home properly, and to explain all issues to you in a way that you will understand.

Can you tell if a house has mold?

No.  The inspection agreement and report states that environmental issues are not covered,  or discussed in this inspection process.  This includes items, such as mold, radon, asbestos, etc.  Special laboratory testing is required for this information to be stated or known.  Suspicious visible areas may be documented in an inspection report with a recommendation for further evaluation by a State licensed  professional.  GMK Inspection Service previously held certifications for Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing  through the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization.  This now requires licensing by the Texas Dept. of Health, and is no longer performed by GMK Inspection Service.

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San Antonio Home Inspection - Not All Problems are this obvious!
Not all problems are this obvious!!!
I wanted to thank you for always taking care of my clients in a proper way.  Even though I have to give them 3 inspectors names, they seem to always choose you. They feel secure and confident after the first conversation with you.  Most of all, they are pleased with your thorough inspections and explanations of all the details.
V. H. - Realtor
I wanted to let you know that I did not buy the home that you inspected last week for me.  I am so thankful that you informed me of all the existing problems before I bought the home.  
I will be calling you when I find another house that I want to purchase.
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